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A Yin Science Experiment!

Yin loves science. It is one of her most favorite subjects. She is highly jealous right now of her brother’s co-op classes because he gets to take botany and dangerous boys while she is stuck galloping the globe and drawing. So I decided after our bible lesson to do a fun fact moment. I got on the internet and found a silly sight of just fun science facts. We had so much fun laughing at all the silly things.

So did you know that Horses can not vomit. That a pig can not look up into the sky. That you can not lick your elbow ( Yin tried for a long time that was hilarious),.That Walt Disney was afraid of Mice. Pearls melt in Vinegar ( which Yin and Yang explained that this makes sense since pearls are made from a bacteria and vinegar is used as an antibacterial cleaner). That is is possible to lead a cow up stairs but not down. That the reason firehouses have circular staircases is because back in the day when fire engines were pulled by horses and were kept on the bottom floor, the horses figured out how to climb the straight stairs to the second floor. Butterflies taste with their feet, and the favorite fact of the day was ……….Did you know that a turtle can breath through its butt! ( now it is not exactly breathing they absorb oxygen through their bums for a period of time if needed. )

So you ask,what does this have to do with Yin’s Experiment? Just look at the picture and you will figure it out LOL!

Does she have some turtle power?

Does she have some turtle power?