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Rushing to Catch Up! Crockpot Monday ( Tuesday ;) ).

We are back, and it is our first day trying to get school going again. Boy am I  feeling the pressure of Christmas piling up. I will have to say getting back 3 weeks before Christmas may not have been the best part  of my “GREAT IDEA”for a month at the beach. Thank goodness my  loving Husband had the tree up already, and all the boxes out so we could start decorating. Over the weekend I unpacked us, and  Monday Hubby and I went Elfving and got everything done. (Now I know you know my kids read this, just so you know Santa Clause is out of the bag here.But we still like to tell the stories and watch my favorite movies which are the Santa Clause 1,2,and 3 ) So, check another thing off the list. We had such a great time and I can’t wait to share with you some of our unique ideas for Christmas.

Yin, I can say, is in the Christmas Spirit and until we get all the decorations done, school is going to be a JOY. She is so excited to get this house done. If I don’t get it done soon she  might just drive me crazy!

On top of all the decorating I am having the urge to start crocheting. Usually by now I would have had a few gifts done. This year I just don’t think there is going to be time. I took my stuff to the beach but managing little ones in a 5th wheel did not leave much time for crocheting and for some reason I only like to crochet when it is cold outside.

So getting back into the swing of things is taking me for a loopty-loop and it feels like a Monday everyday right now. So today I am making this Crockpot Monday ( I know it is Tuesday, but yesterday I ate out, so lets pretend  🙂 ) . I hope as the season goes on and comes to a near I will have a few recipes you will enjoy.

What’s For dinner tonight: Something New for us. I saw a great recipe that was not family friendly, so I started looking up other recipes to replace the ingredients we could not have and then  another then another  and it kept going until I replace just about most of it. So here is what I came up with on the fly. Hope you enjoy. (THis was approved by Yin my picky eater. I did have to make Mash potatoes too because, Yin does not like the texture of rice without mash potatoes. )

French Dip Beef: ( I don’t call it a sandwiches because a lot of times it goes over rice due to wheat allergy and Kae likes it in a tortilla)

2-3 pound chuck roast ( today I used beef tips was out of chuck roast so it will go over rice or mash potatoes for sure)

16 0z of beef broth

6 oz of Red Wine

1 Tbs of olive oil

1 Tbs of Molasses

1 tsp of garlic powder

8 tsp of dried onions

1 tsp of onion powder

1/4 tsp of thyme

salt and pepper to taste ( we use grains of paradise since I am allergic to pepper)

Put all in a crock pot and cook all day. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, or Egg noodles if you can have them, Make into a sandwich and use the juice as a dipping sauce, or like Kae wrap in a tortilla and Dip as well. 

If you want to thicken the sauce (l did tonight) just use a tsp of Xanthan Gum. Pull out all meat and then in a small dish add some of the juice then 1/4 tsp of Xanthan Gum whisk then pour back in and whisk some more. Add meat back in and it coats nicely.

RICE: (HIgh Protein )

Tonight I made Rice  to go with it and  I really like the Jasmine Brown Rice and I add Wild rice. Wild rice is high in protein 6 grams per serving and the brown rice I use is 4 grams of protein per serving. My kids are going through a growing  spurt right now and eating me out of house and home. When they do this I try to come up with high protein meals to keep them full longer. Makes it nicer on the budget :).

Hope you enjoy

(Microwaved wonderful and was even better 2nd day! Next time I might try Mushrooms with it 🙂 )


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One of those Wing it kind of Nights!

Today was one of those days where I just did not accomplish anything. Well, I guess I can’t say I did not accomplish anything, just nothing I planed on accomplishing.  I woke up and was just really tired and grumpy. So, I had Ed go up and see if there was a life guard on duty in the inside pool, and there was,YIPEEE! I had the kids stop school, and get ready to swim.  It was 10 AM, sunny, temperatures around 70 or higher  and I decided to let them go play while I mopped the floors , did dishes from last nights dinner, got a roast in the crock pot, and cleaned the bathrooms. After that was done I headed to the pool myself.

The water was so warm! They heat it in the winter to about 75/80 and we swam until 1PM. Ed headed back while I helped Kea ( helped her by laying on the chairs in the sun while she dried off 😉 ) and by the time we were home, Ed had burgers cooking on the grill and lunch was on its way. That pretty much ended the productivity for the day.

Ed my little straight arrow got most of his subjects done. Kae, lets just say at 7pm I finally had to give up and she will be doing school tomorrow. I Knew better than to mess up her schedule. I always pay the price when I don’t follow through on the chart I made for her to keep her on track. So unfortunately,  I will be doing school tomorrow too. 😦


So you maybe asking yourself, Why is the title called Wing it Kind of Night, It sounds to me she has it all planned out.  Well, it all started when I decided the yummy roast I had made was not what my tummy wanted. My tummy wanted waffles. Cooking waffles is not an easy task when you have a child with wheat, egg, dairy, and soy, allergy. But, I was determined to have waffles and I was determined that he was going to eat with us not watch us eat!

Since Ed has been restricted on his diet, we have not really tried to make substitutions for the things he has lost. Our budget is tight and buying all the pre-made mixes is just way to much $$ for what you get.

Right now living in a camper, I can’t make my own gluten free flour, but when I get home I am going to try. There has to be a way to do this on a budget. I know a lot of homemade recipes for gluten-free flour mixes are on the net, but my goal is going to be to try to make it as cheap, if not cheaper than Bisquick. If I succeed I will defiantly post!  I know it is going to take a bit more work, but I promise to make it wallet friendly. You won’t need to go reap your own wheat, then winnow it on a thrashing floor, and spend all night cracking the wheat by hand either :). You will need some way to grind it, food processor or a good blender. I am also thinking a fine strainer as well. But, this will be for another post, for tonight I used a brand called Bob Red’s Mill Gluten Free Baking Mix. I will have to say this is by far my favorite brand out there. Only problem is it is made in a soy, tree nut facility and may contain those things. Ed not being anaphylactic to soy and nuts just restricted, I allowed the disclaimer since we are on vacation. If you are highly allergic I would not use this brand. I have used Hodgson Mill but they use rice flour and Ed does not like the taste as much or texture. Ed also eats a lot of rice for a starch and with the recent scare on rice, the nutritionist we spoke with on his diet recommended we try to put in other grains and limit the rice as much as we can.  Just a heads up, both brands are very expensive If you are making pancakes for more than 2 or 3 ( my kids are big eaters) you might want 2 bags ( 6-8 $ for a little itty -bitty bag OUCH!).

Here is what I did and the Kids loved them I pretty much looked at other waffle recipes on the internet and saw some consistencies, ratio of ingredients, and substituted what he could not have (which is almost everything). Due to the limited space I did not get great picts. Once I make the flour myself I will do more show and tell. Working in a 3 foot area, the pictures mostly looked like I was working in a dirty mess  and it drove me NUTS!


2 Cups gluten-free powder mix

1 Tbs sugar

2 tsp Baking soda ( I was out of baking powder if you use it you need to double it )

1/4 tsp of Xanthan Gum ( this helps stick it together. I use it in baking a lot. Expensive but last a long time. Keep in freezer air tight bag)

1 ripe banana

1/4 cup applesauce

1 tsp pure vanilla

Unsweetened Coconut Milk ( not the can type, the 1/2 gallon carton. I like the unsweeten because the original when using it in savory dished just does not work. Also I did not measure just poured in until I got the consistency I was looking for. Next time will measure, was kinda whipping this one out of thin air and throwing ingredients in like a wizard would when using a black cauldron.)

1 Stick or 8 TBS of soy free earth balance butter melted


Put all dry ingredients in the big mixing bowl and whisk them together to make sure all the ingredients are well-distributed. ( This is very important. If you don’t mix the ingredients then the Xanthan Gum will get lumpy in the mix and the binding will be inconsistent.)

Then put the banana, apple sauce, and butter into a bowel and with a potato masher or fork mash the banana and mix well. Next pour about a cup of coconut milk in the bowl and mix well. Pour into dry ingredients mix and add more Coconut milk until desired consistency. Spray waffle iron between each presses or it will stick. If your iron has a green light saying when done give an extra minute or so to make it crispy.

Kids loved the banana taste. If you don’t want a banana taste sub. another 1/4 cup of apples sauce.


After Dinner I would day we got a bit crazy and had a great evening. Ed was excited because he had not had waffles in over 6 months and Kae just loved the dunking sticks! Ed and I both tasted the roast and it was delicious. We both decided since we had waffles for dinner, roast will be what’s for breakfast tomorrow :).Today we ended our night with some snuggle time, a stuffed animal dragon fight, and some more of our bedtime story :).

A Snort and Giggle Side Note: I took this picture of Ed while I was sitting across from him looking up waffle recipes. Now you can’t tell since it is not a video, but what he is doing is stroking his chin

With his thumb anIMG_0024d forefinger, pulling down and out like there is something there. So I asked him, “What are you thinking about.” He had his writing assignment in front of him and he looked like he was so deep into thought, I just had to know and make sure he did not need any help with his assignment.

Still stroking his chin and in a very serious tone and way he said “I was thinking about how …If I was in college and I had a goatee , how nice it would be to stroke it while I was thinking.…” I Lost it! Kae and I were rolling on the floor in laughter and Ed just started to crack up. I love and live for these moments LOL!