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Wonderful Yin Christmas!

Sorry it has taken so long to tell you about what we did for Yin for Christmas. I first wanted to make sure that they were going to be as good as we hoped and some of what we tried had to go back. But, we did have a few winners.

1) The top choice for Yin was the TRAPEZE:  My husband and I decided it would be great to give Yin an inside trapeze. We did not go fancy just one of the ones that you would connect to a swing set. We did not want to do a traditional trapeze like the ones at therapy for safety Imagereasons. This  I will have to say has been a great help. It makes her use all her muscles and has that swinging effect that she likes when she wants something to calm her down. Today was our first day back to school from the holidays and even though we are only doing a partial day ( trying to get her back in slowly) the trapeze has been a huge aid. For the first time ever while having a problem in her Reading lesson Yin excused herself to the basement to swing. We did not have a melt down or a temper tantrum. She was able to go down stairs and workout the energy that was building up inside and the frustration. She then came back with a few tears to get started but nothing like we have ever had before.

2) THE KINECT: Now I know I did the whole post on no electronics but Hubby and I were trying to come up with a way to get us all moving. The Wii was not doing the job. The kids had learned to cheat the Wii movements while sitting down. The only thing they were working out were their wrists.  So as we were shopping I saw the Kinect, and I have been really wanting one. I wanted something to make us all move. Hubby and I debated for a long time but finally he gave in, since there was room in the budget and I had to promise to get rid of the Wii ( I was fine with that since the Wii just upgraded their system and it was going to cost just as much to get the upgrade if we wanted any more new games). So i packed up the Wii after Christmas took it to a Gamestop got 60% my trade being a member and a special they were running and now we have a nice selection of Kinect games. I only allowed each of them to pick one sit down game for right now. They still have the rule of reading a chapter a day before they are allowed any electronics and they have to read at bed time.

Of the Kinect games, our favorites so far are The Advengers , THe Starwars Kinect, and Wipe Out. My kids are really not too much into the dancing ones but I do find them to give a great work out. I truly like the Biggest Loser since I am so out of shape it has been a great one to start with.   Yin works real hard to get school and reading done to play the Kinect.  She has also calmed down quite a bit and has been able to make better choices with her impulse control. I would have to say I do not regret this electronic purchase. I look forward to finding more Kinect games.  Even I am enjoying being a super hero!

3)THE RANGE: Yes you heard me right. We have made a BB gun and Archery Range in our basement. YIN loves weapons and to be able to pull a bow takes a lot of upper body strength. SHe also has to calm herself to be able to hit the target. She is getting to work with her obsession with weapons in a controlled safe way. FOr a long time we took all types of weapons from her. The toys made her violent and out of control. By using real weapons and focusing on the safety and dangers she has really been able to adapt and show the ability to listen and focus while getting to truly appreciate what it means to use a weapon. As for the BB gun she is doing great. She is learning all the range terminology Eyes and Ears at all time, Range hot, range Cold, Load and make Ready, Ready, Stand By, Fire, Unload and show Clear. She is doing great going through the motions and her focus is improving. She needs someone with her at all times to help, but the training has been great and I feel great that she is learning Gun safety.

The rest of her Christmas was  some normal toys and they have been nice for a good change of pace. But as usual the toys are only a short lived distraction and she really just likes to look at things then play with them. Her top toy was Buzz Lightyear. She likes toys that interact with her when she wants them too. With all of his buttons and voice commands he has become a regular guess at our dinner table. She got the horse Honey from her Granna which she loves to brush and feed. It makes noises and moves it head so she feels like it is responding. She also got a large stuffed Zebra from Granna and she loves it ! She actually Imagepretends it is real and can sit on it. She loves to brush it as well and it sleeps right next to her bed with the new Dreamlight. All in all I think she made out like a bandit. And Hubby and I are still researching ideas for gifts down the road. The major thing is she needs a variety of active Gross Motor skill activities to help her be in control. She does not understand the world around her and even her own emotions but now she has a way to let those feeling out and it gives her for the first time a sense of control in her environment.