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Living an Adventure with EE, Multi Food Allergies and Special Needs Treasures from God!

“Yin Tools”( NLVD,ADHD,SPD)

On this page I will be posting my favorite tools and ideas that I use for Yin when teaching her and just working through daily life. For Yin and Yang’s schooling we had to get them each iPads to stream their homeschooling. This enables us to travel and each child can do their own thing. I am also known as the App Queen at the therapy places. I am always looking for apps to help me out and make life easier when I need some extra help. As of right now, I am not being compensated for any of the items that we use. If anything like that would ever change I would only endorse products that  I truly use and love!

One of my favorite tools that we use for Yin is the body sock. I purchased this for $51 dollars at South Paw Enterprises http://southpawenterprises.com/Play/BodySox.asp.   This has been a great tool for us and she works with it in therapy. It teaches body awareness and when she is full of energy it takes quite a bit of energy to stretch out like a “flying squirrel” and do some of the exercises we have been taught. The sight above has many activities you can do with it as well. Yin’s favorites are to stretch out, like you see in the picture,and then touch the opposite hand to the opposite toe. She also walks and punches opposite foot to hand. It can be used as a great cozy place.  She will crawl inside and when she is over stimulated it makes her feel secure like a pod

( I am not being paid to sell this product. )

Chewlery Necklace

Yin has a problem with sucking on her bottom lip until it is so chapped and swollen it bleeds. We notice she does this a lot when she is thinking really hard or is nervous. Sometimes she does it in her sleep and the only thing I can do then is to check her and put Aquaphore on her lip in a thick goo so it won’t get any worst. But during the day her occupational therapist has helped us find a few things, and research on the net has brought some promising tools for help.

First there is the classic gum Bubble Yum , Hubba Bubba and Bubblicious. We only get the regular type not the tape because it takes more chew power for this type . I also only get the cotton candy flavor because it has no Red Dyes. This is Yin’s favorite way to chew for obvious reasons. There is flavor and she loves to make bubbles and pop them. THe cotton candy has been hard for us to find at times so we buy it from Amazon. I just notice while trying to find a picture, which I was not successful, there is a mystery flavor. May have to give that a try :).



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