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Living an Adventure with EE, Multi Food Allergies and Special Needs Treasures from God!

Yang’s and family Food Allergies

On this page I will mostly be putting in products that I like to use and why. I have tried many different brands and have learned that not all substitutes are equal in the world of allergies. Texture and flavor is a huge problem. I have found many of the grains, especially rice flour , to be grainy and bitter. But there are few items that I have found that I truly Love and so does Yang. Since Yang’s food selection has decreased we have had a hard time with the label words ” Made in a facility that manufactures…..” SOme of our major brands have been taken from us so we are starting from scratch trying to figure out how we are going to make these brands that we have grown accustom to.

Yang is truly a foodie. It always cracked me up the differences in my kids. THe one who can not eat anything loves to try everything and the one who can eat it all won’t even try it. Yang though is always game for a new concoction as long as he knows who has cooked it, where it was cooked, and especially if he got to help. I will be posting a lot of our family recipes so that you can maybe gain back a flavor profile that you have been missing. Truly in this day in age cooking for those who have food allergies is easier than when Yang was first-born. THere are so many options out there now and it makes cooking more of an adventure than just surviving.

The allergies we deal with at this time are Dairy ( cooking with dairy in the house for us is a no no. Hit the link and it will take you to how to read a label for dairy and any of the food allergies you might face ), Peanuts, All tree Nuts, Egg, Wheat, Soy, Shellfish, all types of fish Ocean and Fresh, most legumes, lamb, turkey, celery, black and white pepper (table pepper) and dill.

As of right now, I am not being compensated for any of the items that we use. If anything like that would ever change I would only endorse products that  I truly use and love!

Dairy Substitutes:


<em>So Delicious Coconut Milk</em> Beverage, Unsweetened - 32 fl oz (1 qt) ... So Delicious Dairy Free Unsweeten Coconut Milk : We use this for all of our cooking. Baking and Savory. It is very important that you get the Unsweeten in the green box. If you use original you will taste the sweetness and a bit of coconut. One reason I love this product is that it is thicker than Rice Milk and when we could have almonds the almond milk was thin as well. We use Coconut milk where ever Milk is needed. Mash potatoes, soups, cream sauces, you name it I have used it. Works like a charm. My Husband hates coconuts and was leery of trying it, but he will tell you in most things we make you will never know it was coconut milk.

prod-spread-soy-freeEarth Balance has been a God send in our kitchen. When this product came on the market it made my life so easy. I finally had a spread we all liked that was dairy free and soy free. YEAH! It fries well, great for baking, you name it does what butter can do. Kicker is it taste like butter too. I was a huge margarine spread girl when I got married and once we found Earth balance there was no going back. No chemical taste all natural amazing to work with. It does come in the stick form but not soy free :(.

Peanut Butter

<em>SunButter</em> Sunflower Seed Spread, Creamy - 16 oz (1 lb) 454 gOur next choice of product is SunButter. Now if you are a devout peanut butter lover I will not lie this is not going to taste just like it. But I will say it is hands down better than the soy versions that are out there. When Yang had soy he use to eat the soy butters and liked them but as soon as we found sunbutter he was never going back. Even I like the nutty flavor that this brings. There isn’t a bitter after taste and it taste great when baking. Hubby on the other hand allergic to soy and peanuts, still remembers and loves peanut butter and he does not like it. I can not say if you truly love peanut butter and have lost it this will stop the craving but it makes a great SNJ. I have also made Sunbutter cups (Rees’s), granola squares, Melted it with maple syrup and put it over popcorn YUMMY! Great protein snack.



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