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God Had Other Plans! (Continuation on Relaxing)

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Well I woke up today with some plans! Yesterday I tore out the kitchen, nook, and LR and decided to reorganize it. I only had one cabinet left to go through and I could move on to the  Coat Closet and School Room leaving the Upstairs for the next few weeks. I came downstairs got Hubby’s lunch together for work, kids were doing school all looked great. Sat down had my morning caffeine and decided to take my Adderal to keep me focused and said hello to the world on the computer.

Later I saw in the fridge I had some cherry tomatoes that were about to go bad and Zucchini so decided I would dehydrate them. Chopped up the tomatoes, got out the food processor to do the zucchini, went to open up the device after slicing them up and caught my pinkie on the blade and took out a huge chunk of my finger. Zucchini was ruined and the chaos began. I ran to the sink to get it under the water while I screamed for one of the kids to get me paper towels, bandages, and medicated ointment. My plan was to bandage it and get my day started. God on the other hand had other plans.

When I pulled my finger out I noticed it was a lot deeper than I thought. I quickly  tried to get a band-aid on it, it soaked through and blood started to run down my arm. Now the kids are starting to panic at this time. Daddy had been gone for about an 3 hrs now and the amount of blood was a bit overwhelming. Yang yells “quick give me a phone Call 911!” I am now trying to get the bleeding under control by wrapping it in paper towels then holding my hand over my head as I am yelling at both kids not to call 911! I finally get Yang to focus and try to help me wrap tape around my finger but the bleeding is soaking through the paper towels so fast we could not tape it fast enough. Blood is rolling down my arm we try a few more time and i hd to give up. Again I grab more paper towels hold my hand above my heart and I notice that Yin is missing. She had gone to her Ipad and texted daddy ” QUICK COME HOME! MOMMY HAS CHOPPED OFF HER FINGER!”

Now I am trying to text and hold paper towels on my pinkie while it is soaking through telling Daddy he doesn’t need to come home just debating if I need to go get stitches. So I then try to call him. He is in a meeting, Dad and Mom are out-of-town now what? On my 5th wad of paper towels I call a friend who I know would be able to help. At first she was busy texts me ” In the middle of something I will have to call you back later.” Normally I would not persist on bothering her I manage to text back ” Um sorry to bother you but I need to know if I need to go get stitches or if I should just wait out something.” Needles to say she called me back quite quickly. Helped me through the chaos over the phone  1.5 hrs later it finally slowed down enough where I could get a band-aid on it. I texted her back a huge “Thank You” with “I still have time to get my list done!” she sent back ” Why don’t you just relax for a bit !”. I decided to go upstairs and clean up and then get to work. Well cleaning up caused the finger to start gushing again, 45 minutes later almost a whole roll of paper towels from beginning to end, I am wrapped up and doing great! By the end the kids were a wreck , I had a headache and was exhausted so the day ended up with me on the couch helping with school and doing computer work I had put off.

So How does this have to deal with God teaching me to relax? Well, I have been praying for God to teach/show me how to relax, to stop and just enjoy the day, to not make such impossible lists that would cause me to frustrated at the end for not completing them. Lately I have pushed myself to exhaustion everyday. I have made up more work and making things more complicated than they need to be. I had woken up today feeling quite zapped, fybro had my arms in bad shape (where I could barely squeeze my finger to add pressure to make the bleeding stop or have my right arm held up for any amount of time), so to get myself going I had pumped myself up with a lot of caffeine, my ADHD meds  and I was going to get my list done. If I would have followed through with my plan, most likely I would have been sick in bed tonight and  tomorrow. God knew better and He also knew the only way to get me to chill was to put me out of commission.   Can’t say I like the way today went, but God had to do something to  teach me a lesson on pacing myself.  I do have to say, I do feel a bit more relaxed. My kitchen is a mess and so is the LR but we are all healthy and happy! Hubby is grateful for my friend who was able to talk me through the ordeal so he did not have to take off work, and for all of us working together to get through the day. Just forking this one up to a lesson well needed and a bit more chaos to keep us on our toes :).




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