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Never a Dull Moment!


Since we have been home things could not be any crazier  and today just topped all days. Yin is sick with a cold flu  so I had to keep her from Co-op and Therapy. She was not happy but handled it quite well since she was feeling down. Yang on the other hand really wanted to go to co-op and through the grace of God he was able to, due to a dear friend who said she would watch him. This is not easy for anyone who ever meets us. Yang with all of his allergies and the severity of them not many will say ” Hey I will watch Yang!” the response I get most often is ” I would if I could, but I am scared to death to do it.” So for this woman to say she would be responsible for him while he was there, was one of the biggest blessing.  He was so excited and grateful.

Things were going well and Yin had not said or done too many things that were out of the normal. Then came the time to pick Yang up. I drove to the co-op and went inside to grab him and to say thank you. I had to leave Yin in the car for all of 5 minutes when I got back she was covered in blood and in the front seat looking for a tissue. Yin has never had a nose bleed until the night before. Last night was pretty traumatic but we got through it and I was hoping that today would be better. I open the door to the car and she starts screaming  ” I am sorry MOMMY! I AM SORRY MOMMY! MY NOSE GOT ITCHY!” I look in the back seat to see a lot of blood. A bit frustrated because I told her not to blow or touch her nose today without mommy, I asked her what she used to stop the bleeding! She had sat there in the back just letting it pour down her face basically in shock. I get her out of the car Yang hands me the tissues and I try to get her to sit in the back and hold it to her nose an pinch. As I am struggling to get her to help me and let me back to help her ( I am using a firm voice trying to get her to listen) she is screaming ” JESUS HELP ME! JESUSE HELP ME !” over and over because she is afraid of the nose bleed, while people are gathering their kids and going to their cars. One woman stopped to make sure I was not abusing my child all she could see was Yin covered in blood and hearing her scream. Finally I get Yin calmed down, nose pinched, and I am able to get us into the car and head home. Oh My! I really don’t know a lot of people in the co-op and they have no idea what I am like as a parent, Ha! I am sure some have some opinions now LOL!


2 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment!

  1. Sounds like a day in my life 🙂 We have all been there in one way or another. I hope she is feeling better today.

  2. I think it happens to all of us as parents. They way she expresses herself I am waiting for social services to be at my door LOL.


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