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An Answered Prayer and another Change in Yang’s Diet!

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Been out of touch for a while things have been going quite crazy around here, but we also had some wonderful news. Yang was scoped a few weeks ago and he came back completely free of Eosinophils. What does that mean? It means that the meds he has been taking have helped and he is able to add something to his diet. We have decided to add back wheat. Yang for the first time had a dairy free pizza with a real crust in over a year. He was so excited! I want to thank everyone who has been praying for him. Since we are adding wheat I will not be doing the gluten-free as much right not. In 6 months if he will be tested again. If his eosinophils counts have changed and are back he will most likely not be able to eat wheat again for a long time. SO for the next 6 months I will be focusing on his other food allergies of turkey, dairy, egg, shellfish, fish, celery, soy, nuts and peanuts.  For those of you who are gluten free I will make a page of all of the products I liked to use.

A change in diet happens a lot for us when living with a child and a husband with EE.  I think one of the hardest things besides refocusing your label reading and cross contamination rules in the house, is the budget factor. It always seems as soon as I am getting the hang of the diet restrictions a change occurs and now I am going through the pantry again reading all I can to make sure there is not something else I need to change or throw away. NOw this time it is much easier. Nothing changes in the sense of throwing away. We can still eat the gluten free things but now we can add back the wheat component which is going to make things so much easier and much more budget friendly.

Another component to our crazy schedule is I will be heading off to Hawaii and my kids will be staying in Texas with my sister for 3 weeks. So instead of Kae stories and Food and homeschooling, It will be more a glimpse of paradise and self-reflection. When ever I go on a trip with hubby I take that time to get my life focused on God and to evaluate my relationship with Him, how I am doing at home as a wife, teacher and mom.  So unless something truly amazing happens between now and the time I leave I might not be on as much :).



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