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My Cleaning God Fairy has come! Well with a catch…..


I am sure most of you can remember my post on ” Do not Covet Your Neighbors Home”. I have to say since I posted, I have received some great advice through email, Facebook, and here as well. So, did all the advice get me off cleaning my home ….drum roll… IT DID! But, (huh oh disclaimer) it also had me searching for things to help me truly get organized and accomplish my dream of running my home like a well oiled machine. I have to say everyone’s advice was wonderful and knowing I am not the only one who struggles with a dirty house made me feel like all is not lost :).

So why am I calling this one the Cleaning GOd Fairy has come? Well due to my sister sending me a sample of a book she bought Motivated Mom’s I started looking for Apps that would help me organize my house. Honestly with all the meals I cook for different food allergies, a child with learning disabilities,SPD  and NLVD, and homeschooling I do not have the time to add another long task of making a chore chart for each member of the house. Also me trying to build a spread sheet would be like asking a monkey to do my taxes, honestly the monkey might win!  I truly loved the sample my sister sent me on Motivated Mom’s but a paper check list is just one more thing I have to keep up with, print and throw away at the end of the day. Well  it just ends up Motivated Mom’s  now has an app for Iphone and Android called MOMO ( I do not get any kick back for  mentioning this app this is truly just info sharing ) 

This App gets my 5 Stars  for organizing a chaotic life!  Each day there are daily chores, which you can assign to certain people by color, and then there are chores that are done ever so often in a rotation. Each day you open it up and you do just what is on the list. For example. Today I was to clean the windows, sweep the 1st floor, take 10 minutes in each room for a tidy pick up. Then there were the daily tasks. Unload dishwasher , load, do a load of laundry fold put away, sweep kitchen and entry before bed, wipe down counters and kitchen sink. Then there is an area where you can add tasks that you want others to do daily, monthly, weekly, bi weekly and so on. So, daily Yang and Yin are to pick up anything that belongs to them and take it upstairs, tidy room, make beds in morning, unload dishes, put all school books in bin and clean up any school projects, spend 15 min each with the dog , Yang 30 minutes with Chica daily and Yin daily feed Milo. Every other day I have them wiping down the bathrooms with cleaning wipes and Yang weekly has to clean Chica’s cage.

Since I have this on their Ipad’s I keep all the chores on it so they can see the ratio of chores MOmmy does vs chores they do. THis has helped a lot with the talking back and the ” If we do all this what do you do?” snotty comments all kids give. Let me tell you it has been almost 2 weeks and the house is starting to come together. They other aspect I like is, when your house is a bit chaotic you get overwhelmed. You have to say to yourself I am going to do the list and by the end of the year it will be done! THen you start over and each time it should get easier. I can honestly say this was an App well spent! The app is $7.99 I think it is the most expensive app I have bought besides my journal, and it will be the most used. No longer do the kids need to ask what has to be done it is there for them daily and I no longer look at the house as an endless pit of despair but a doable project in the making. It also feels great to touch the screen and check off the chore and have it go to the bottom as done! Wow what a great feeling for all of us!

Now like all apps this is not perfect. You will need to take the time to customize it for your house needs. Also I have not found a function to sync all the Ipad’s. I had to go into each one individually and create what I created on mine. There maybe a way and I just did not see it, but be warned there is a bit of work. It took me a day to set it up and nightly I look at the next day to make sure I don’t want to assign a task to someone.  But, compared to letting monkeys do my taxes, a day was nothing :). So how is this the Cleaning God Fairy! I finally have an organized way to get my house clean. My husband is happy with the progress he has seen, and I am not exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. So you ask What is the Catch? Well there is not bippity bobbity boo  and the house  is clean. Like Cinderella there is limitation, it does cost $7.99 and I still have to do the work myself, but now the list seems more doable and that in its self a bit a magic.


2 thoughts on “My Cleaning God Fairy has come! Well with a catch…..

  1. Reading your to do list has exhausted me, ha! Glad you found n app to help! Soon enough it will become habit n u may not need it. B sure to take a good daily vitamin, this will keep u healthy n increase ur energy t have more cleaning stamina, ha!

  2. I just started my Shaklee Vitamins! it is a packet of 6 different vitamins and the kid started on their own. With the flu season being so bad I decided we could use all the help we could get :).


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