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Living an Adventure with EE, Multi Food Allergies and Special Needs Treasures from God!


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IMG_1573I just wanted to Shoot out  a , Happy New Year!! And we also pray you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great day with family  and are enjoying the kids having fun with their new toys. I look forward to sharing a few of the ideas we came up with to make our day easier and ways to keep the kids active through the winter I will say we did break down and buy one electronic device a Kinect X box. As you can see from our family photo, we have all found a hobby to do as a family and even went out to the range on Christmas to try our new toys :).  Looks like we are getting a good snow for a while and the kids are excited to get out and play :). YIN was extremely excited to see it snowing and could not wait to get all dressed and go out to make snow angels. I might not be posting for a bit due to Hubby being home, and taking some well enjoyed family time. But I look forward to the new year and all the fun times/learning curves I hope to share. So Happy New Year Everyone may your days be full of joy, laughter, and Love!



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