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Do Not Covet Your Neighbors House! The Cleaning Blues!


It is that time of year when I look at my house and think HOW IN THE WORLD DID THIS HAPPEN!  I will admit with my head held high 😉 I am not a clean freak! My house on a normal day is well a bit of a disaster. I know it is a sin to ” Covet your Neighbors House” but, I do covet those who have the ability to keep a well organized, clean and tidy house, and have a homemade dinner on the table by the time Hubby gets home. I especially covet those with cleaning services. Oh how I long for a cleaning service to sweep, dust and do the bathrooms. I hate doing bathrooms! But, That is never going to happen. I gave up that dream when i decided to be a stay at home mom who homeschools and I love homeschooling.  I love being able to fly by the seat of my pants, make fun messy projects with my kids, go help those in need, get out  and play on a sunny day, and (more often than I should) curl up on a cozy couch and read a book to my kids.  By having a spur of the moment life and dealing with the spur of the moment challenges that occur during my days as well, I shamefully admit that my hubby more than dreams of a super clean organized home ( He said he would give up the warm meals for just that). So this year , don’t ask why it has taken so long (14 years of marriage), I am going to (try very hard)  make a schedule to keep/get the house clean :). 

I do also have to admit that, though this is a desire of mine, a clean house means I have to start (drum roll of doom!!!!!) PLANNING MY DAYS! Just typing those words made my heart race faster and a bit of panic came over me! But, having a child with NLVD/Aspie and ADHD, a child who’s allergies have change and there are no quick meal options, my fybro getting worst and wanting to loose weight, and my husbands desire to come home to a clean house (which he deserves ), means I need to have structure and a plan that runs like a well oiled machine. Structure that Kae can depend on daily so her days will feel less chaotic and she will have some since of predictability and control. Structure where Ed feels safe again in the kitchen and can help me cook and create meals he will enjoy, and possibly the structure will lessen my stress equalling less fybro flairs and time to exercise ( Kae told me today that her soft and fluffy bread reminder her of me. Of course I asked how does bread remind you of me. Her response ” Because you are soft and FLUFFY!).

I believe that coming up with the structure will be my hardest part and I think there  is a way to do a calendar on the web page. I am going to look into that. I will post my daily cleaning schedule and try after the New Year to develop a meal planning schedule as well. Maybe by doing this on the blog You can keep this Wild and Crazy Gal to her goals :). 

To any of you whom I would Covet your home, would like to share any of your ideas and strategies please do. I welcome the help. For those of you who struggle like I do, come along for the ride. Maybe we can figure this out together. 


3 thoughts on “Do Not Covet Your Neighbors House! The Cleaning Blues!

  1. Take it one room at a time! When you get something out, put it back before going to take out something else. Clean one closet a day! Take one day out of your week to change the sheets on all the beds, Take the weekends off for doing laundry (let it pile up on sat. & sun b/c you will work the heck out of the washer n dryer monday thru friday) Have the kids help with the dishes! I nag my kids daily to clean their rooms, they do . . . but it’s never up to my expectations. SO, I let it stay that way for about 2 months and then mom takes over and I clean their rooms out (prob. about every 3 months). I pull everything out of the nooks n crannies which requires me to throw a lot of their stuff in the trash. Have the kids pick up their stuff from the downstairs before they go to bed at night. (sometimes I carry things throughout the day and place them on the steps- which they are required to take up upon going to bed if not beforehand) Anything left in the living room after bed time is property that they are obviously not worried about and can be revoked or thrown in the trash by mom. (exceptions are ipods, phones, computers, etc. b/c they are not allowed to have them in their rooms at night) Make sure your living room and kitchen (dishes/sink) are clean before you go to bed at night . . . nothing worse than waking up to that mess! You can do it Leslie! I’m not saying my house is always spotless, but these are ways to keep it more tidy more often than not. Love you!!! t

    • Tonya those are all great ideas. I have been thinking about the basket on the step idea where at night they are to take the basket up and put everything away. THen in the morning bring it back down to be filled again. I love the leave it behind it is mine Idea! I might even take electronics if not put in their proper places. Most of what I find are lego parts. I will say I am terrible at the take it out put it away must be the ADD but I am getting better at it. NOw if I would just put it in the right place i would be much better :).

      I have gotten the downstairs kitchen living room under control now for a week YEAH! No matter how tired I am the sink is clean. LR clean and nook next to garage where everything is piled gone through. NOw to get to the front door area and school room/closet. ( that will prob be after Christmas) It makes me feel good to know that I am not the only mom who gets fed up with the kids way of cleaning and has to do it myself every 3 months or so. I swear I thought i was the Only one! That has been my biggest struggle this week. Having to go in and take control of how to clean and how to put things away. We have organized their rooms will take picts to post. SHould of taken before and afters but It was too horrifying to show! LOL Keep praying for me Girl I am sweeping out the stress and bringing in the Holy Light :)!

  2. You definitely wouldn’t covet my home. In fact you are welcome to stop by if you want to feel a little better about yours. I have four kids at home ALL THE TIME in a tiny house, plus a packrat husband, plus I babysit my two nephews everyday. My house will be clean when they all move out.


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