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Jr. Detective Agency !!

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A few days ago Yin decided to start a business and Yang had decided to join her in the adventure. Yin has been reading some Jr. Detectives books and they have decided to help anyone who may have lost something for $.02. Now this may not seem like a lot of money but since she has started her business I have learned how much I depend on my kids to find my stuff lol. I have them finding my keys, hairbrush, phone, laptop, book, you name it i have lost it. If I keep this up they are going to be rich. Not only have they been charging me for my lost things but Granna as well. Now I will admit between the two of us I think they are going to be seeing those pennies add up quickly!

• Well this morning was no exception! This morning at 9 am I get a call from my Mom (Granna ) and she is in a panic! She has lost the receipt,box, and cover box to her new Nook and she needs to return it. In the back ground I here Yin singing her new agency theme song ” Got an emergency call the JR Detective Agency”! We pack up our school stuff and Yin is yelling through the phone “Granna don’t worry we are on are way,” the entire ride to Granna’s Yin is talking about how this is their big break! This is going to be the job that puts them on the Map! Daddy calls and Yin takes the phone and sings her song and tells her Daddy she is on the Case. We pull into the drive way the kids are out of the car and Granna meets them in the drive way. Yin again breaks into tune and Yang ( bit reluctantly)  and Yin take their pose! Granna explains what they are looking for and we take off to find the missing pieces. I have to say I have never seen my kids work so hard to find something that was lost. I was quite I impressed with their efforts and all went well. Yin was right too this was their big break I gave each kid $.50 for their efforts today and they were so excited to be able to have a paying job! So, if you are missing something no fears the Jr detective Agency is always near! 😜




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