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Sibling love!

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I found myself watching my kids and wishing everyday they got along as well as they did today. Not sure if it was the warm sunny weather, or the idea of today is truly our last freedom day at the beach, but today they were best friends, inseparable, and totally enjoying each others company. It was like they were 2 and 4 again and they were all each other had and that was enough.

This morning they both woke up at 5 am. Yang made breakfast for Yin and they played on their DS’s until 8am. THen they climbed in bed with me and started the mommy wake up snuggles ( I do not wake up at 5 am, and I am in no way a morning person). Lots of giggling and blanket stealing, storytelling and then Yin brought me my caffeine (the only way to get mommy out of bed when she is zapped) and I finally got moving.

THen the kids decided by 9 they wanted to go swimming.  There was a lifeguard on duty ( I am so going to miss the morning lifeguards who allowed my kids to swim while I did morning chores.) and they were off. That gave me time to eat breakfast in peace and start cleaning and organizing for tomorrows pack up. They came back at 12pm ate lunch and then were off again on their bikes for a long ride around the campground and to climb on their favorite tree. After I was done cleaning and almost got everything ready for an easy pack, I joined them at the tree and then we were off on our bikes riding and feeling free! I had Milo in the basket behind me and I rode till I was wiped. Then we came back packed up and headed out for a few errands.

One lucky find today was at Once Upon a child, we got a wind up musical stuffed bear that “twinkles the song Jesus loves me“. I was starting to think I would never find a wind up doll, but God provided and it works like a charm. Yin loves music boxes. When she has anxiety fits or gets overstimulated and I send her to her room, she would wind up a music box that she has and listen to it over and over. Well the music box is wearing out and I’ve been meaning to find something else.  We were shopping at a store and we found a Christmas elf that was scary looking, but it was a wind up. Yin was in one of her moods and was having a really hard time why she was out with us going from store to store ( she gets a lost feeling and anxiety can be high)  well this wind up elf’s music really calmed her down. SHe even took a small nap in the cart while I was shopping. Then only problem, It was scary and she did not like to turn it around or cuddle it. So, Yang and I decided we were going to find her a wind up doll. We have been looking the entire time we have been down here for anything that winds up and has that music box sound. All the musical toys now for infants are pushbutton or remote control. They also have more of speaker sound and not the twinkle sound Yin likes.  We finally found one and for a great price $3.50 you can’t beat that. Yin took to it right away. She took it with us everywhere we went tonight. She had Yang and I pray over it , fill it with love, and she was set. She took it with us to feed the goats our left over veggies, and for the first time ever she wrapped this bear in a blanket and pretended it was a baby. She had the waitress at dinner bring it a booster seat and a small appetizer plate. It was adorable! This is the first time Yang and I have seen her so calm and doing something that little girls do. I almost cried and Yang was excited and really encouraging her as well. At dinner he would put food on Mr. Twinkles plate and would play along with what ever she was doing. I tell ya, Yang is going to grow up to be one great daddy someday!

We came home after dinner and we started packing the car. Yin was exhausted and whiney so we tucked her in and she wound up her bear and after about three windups she was out. Easiest bed time ever!

Hard to believe a month has gone by. The kids did great getting all their school done and we are on target. I can truly say we are all ready to go home though. I am sure after we hit the grey skies and the tundra winds we all will be whimpering for our warm beach view. But, there truly is no better place than home.

( I will add picts to this later once we get home. I took them on my camera and don’t know how to download them on this particular computer ;).



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