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Woe’s For Home!

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I think we have reached our limit. Living in a camper for a month down at the beach has been great. The kids have been able to extend there playtime outside, We have been riding our bikes everyday, walking the beach, swimming in the pool and the dog has been getting many walks and has enjoyed the sun and attention. But, I think finally the small size of the camper has trumpet all the other perks for most of us.

Last night when we were getting ready for bedtime, Yang asked me how long until we go home, with a sad little look on his face. I responded with, ” Are you getting homesick baby?” He thought for a minute and then responded ” No I think I am getting lego sick, and I miss having my own room.”  Yin’s only response was “Hurtful!”

Yin loves living in the camper. She loves tight places and sharing a room with her brother. She is loving the warm weather and the freedom to be able to ride her bike in a safe environment. She loves running and digging in the endless sandbox and collecting shells to crush and wash. Most of all when she is here she feels “FREE”. Usually on the ride home she does really well till we hit our exit. THen her eyes get big and sometimes she begins to shake and thrash and whimper/scream not wanting to go inside the house. For weeks we will hear her say while crying at tuck in time ” I am so small! I want to go back!”   I am hoping that this time the adjustment may not be so bad. We have been training Milo (the pooch) to sleep on her bed , in his dog bed, too keep her company. The thought is if he stays with her when we get home the transition would be easier and she will not be alone. Only time will tell.

For me leaving is bittersweet. I am longing for some of the normal comforts of home. I miss my dishwasher :), The space to be able to find a quiet moment, the organization of having enough room to have a home for everything, the ability to do a large load of laundry. The comfort parts of modern living. But like Yin , when living at the beach I feel “FREE” It might be stressful inside the camper and its enclosed feeling, but as soon as you go outside there is no better place in the world! I love the sunshine and the warmth it brings my soul. Even on my worst day there is something about the sun that just can change it all. I love being able to ride our bikes together in this gated community knowing we are safe from traffic and only need to watch for golf carts on the most part. It has been great to take the kids to the pool at night and let them get completely exhausted and getting them to bed by 8pm and having some quiet time to myself. But the time has come,  I miss my husband dearly, and the camper walls are beginning to enclose around us.

So I am not sure how much time I will have to blog until we get settled in at home. If I do have time, it might be more about building the pages and layout so that I can get all the information I’ve been wanting to put on  before the new year. So please hang in there with me while we transition our selves to the cold tundra and I try to organize the sight with the information I hope will help.  I do promise though, if there is some major breaking news I will let you know ;).



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