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IMG_1573I just wanted to Shoot out  a , Happy New Year!! And we also pray you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great day with family  and are enjoying the kids having fun with their new toys. I look forward to sharing a few of the ideas we came up with to make our day easier and ways to keep the kids active through the winter I will say we did break down and buy one electronic device a Kinect X box. As you can see from our family photo, we have all found a hobby to do as a family and even went out to the range on Christmas to try our new toys :).  Looks like we are getting a good snow for a while and the kids are excited to get out and play :). YIN was extremely excited to see it snowing and could not wait to get all dressed and go out to make snow angels. I might not be posting for a bit due to Hubby being home, and taking some well enjoyed family time. But I look forward to the new year and all the fun times/learning curves I hope to share. So Happy New Year Everyone may your days be full of joy, laughter, and Love!


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When all Hits the Fan What Then…….

Today was one of those days. I could go on for pages telling you the woe’s of my day the temper tantrums I dealt with, flailing of the arms and legs , screaming, cuddling and rocking that was done to keep one safe from harm. Not sure what was so hard about today, except that we had to clean and the weather outside was yucky. The wind was shaking the house and the rain kept her from her plans to have an airsoft war with her brother.  I guess all of that was enough to throw us into a tailspin. So, what do you do when the you know what hits the fan? You make Forts. That’s right you make tents and cozy forts so that your child can have a safe hideaway, somewhere small and cozy and just her size to keep her safe from all the scary sounding wind. THen you clean around her doing her room so that you can get it done. When she needs a moment you rock her and sing and then you put her back in the fort for some quiet time. Bathrooms can wait another day! My little girl needed a Fort Day! ( Now you know why nothing ever gets done here LOL!)

What do you do for dinner when you spend your day making forts… TACOS! I can always rely on tacos when my little YIN is stressed. It is one meal that she loves and will not fight me on eating. Forts and Taco’s life does not get much better than that. :

Taco seasoning mix

2 Tbs Chili Powder

1/2 Tsp garlic powered

1/2 Tsp onion Powder

1/2 Tsp of Mexican Oregano ( reg oregano is fine)

1/4 tsp dried cilantro leaves

1/4 Tsp of chipolte powder ( no chipolte red peppers flakes work well just miss the smokey flavor)

1 Tsp of paprika

3 Tsp of ground Cumin

1 Tsp of sea salt

1 tsp of ground grains of paradise ( or black pepper)

2 lbs of ground beef, pork, chicken or turkey

8 0z of tomato sauce

Cook your meat drain set aside ( You can do the meat in a crock pot and use a potato masher to break up the meat when you get home. Make sure you drain off all fat or it will be very greasy before adding the seasoning and tomato.) .

Put all the dry ingredients in a bullet/blender and mix well. This makes enough for two batches of meat. I like my taco meat to be well seasoned so you might want to use half and then add more if you need it. Sprinkle the meat with seasoning and mix until all is well coated and you can start to smell the aroma of the spices being released from the heat. THen add the tomato sauce. Stir and cook for about 1-2 minutes until the tomato sauce picks up the taco seasoning and is well blended.

I like using tomato sauce instead of water because it makes it nice and thick. Most commercial brands have dried tomatoes in their packets and use cornstarch to thicken. I find  that the tomato sauce does the job and add a nice rich homemade flavor. Once you’ve made this you will never go back to pre packaged seasoning mix again :).

I hope you enjoy!


Do Not Covet Your Neighbors House! The Cleaning Blues!

It is that time of year when I look at my house and think HOW IN THE WORLD DID THIS HAPPEN!  I will admit with my head held high 😉 I am not a clean freak! My house on a normal day is well a bit of a disaster. I know it is a sin to ” Covet your Neighbors House” but, I do covet those who have the ability to keep a well organized, clean and tidy house, and have a homemade dinner on the table by the time Hubby gets home. I especially covet those with cleaning services. Oh how I long for a cleaning service to sweep, dust and do the bathrooms. I hate doing bathrooms! But, That is never going to happen. I gave up that dream when i decided to be a stay at home mom who homeschools and I love homeschooling.  I love being able to fly by the seat of my pants, make fun messy projects with my kids, go help those in need, get out  and play on a sunny day, and (more often than I should) curl up on a cozy couch and read a book to my kids.  By having a spur of the moment life and dealing with the spur of the moment challenges that occur during my days as well, I shamefully admit that my hubby more than dreams of a super clean organized home ( He said he would give up the warm meals for just that). So this year , don’t ask why it has taken so long (14 years of marriage), I am going to (try very hard)  make a schedule to keep/get the house clean :). 

I do also have to admit that, though this is a desire of mine, a clean house means I have to start (drum roll of doom!!!!!) PLANNING MY DAYS! Just typing those words made my heart race faster and a bit of panic came over me! But, having a child with NLVD/Aspie and ADHD, a child who’s allergies have change and there are no quick meal options, my fybro getting worst and wanting to loose weight, and my husbands desire to come home to a clean house (which he deserves ), means I need to have structure and a plan that runs like a well oiled machine. Structure that Kae can depend on daily so her days will feel less chaotic and she will have some since of predictability and control. Structure where Ed feels safe again in the kitchen and can help me cook and create meals he will enjoy, and possibly the structure will lessen my stress equalling less fybro flairs and time to exercise ( Kae told me today that her soft and fluffy bread reminder her of me. Of course I asked how does bread remind you of me. Her response ” Because you are soft and FLUFFY!).

I believe that coming up with the structure will be my hardest part and I think there  is a way to do a calendar on the web page. I am going to look into that. I will post my daily cleaning schedule and try after the New Year to develop a meal planning schedule as well. Maybe by doing this on the blog You can keep this Wild and Crazy Gal to her goals :). 

To any of you whom I would Covet your home, would like to share any of your ideas and strategies please do. I welcome the help. For those of you who struggle like I do, come along for the ride. Maybe we can figure this out together. 

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Jr. Detective Agency !!

A few days ago Yin decided to start a business and Yang had decided to join her in the adventure. Yin has been reading some Jr. Detectives books and they have decided to help anyone who may have lost something for $.02. Now this may not seem like a lot of money but since she has started her business I have learned how much I depend on my kids to find my stuff lol. I have them finding my keys, hairbrush, phone, laptop, book, you name it i have lost it. If I keep this up they are going to be rich. Not only have they been charging me for my lost things but Granna as well. Now I will admit between the two of us I think they are going to be seeing those pennies add up quickly!

• Well this morning was no exception! This morning at 9 am I get a call from my Mom (Granna ) and she is in a panic! She has lost the receipt,box, and cover box to her new Nook and she needs to return it. In the back ground I here Yin singing her new agency theme song ” Got an emergency call the JR Detective Agency”! We pack up our school stuff and Yin is yelling through the phone “Granna don’t worry we are on are way,” the entire ride to Granna’s Yin is talking about how this is their big break! This is going to be the job that puts them on the Map! Daddy calls and Yin takes the phone and sings her song and tells her Daddy she is on the Case. We pull into the drive way the kids are out of the car and Granna meets them in the drive way. Yin again breaks into tune and Yang ( bit reluctantly)  and Yin take their pose! Granna explains what they are looking for and we take off to find the missing pieces. I have to say I have never seen my kids work so hard to find something that was lost. I was quite I impressed with their efforts and all went well. Yin was right too this was their big break I gave each kid $.50 for their efforts today and they were so excited to be able to have a paying job! So, if you are missing something no fears the Jr detective Agency is always near! 😜


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Hold the Drama and Add a Splash of Chocolate!

Today my little Yin woke up sick :(.  Last night she was coughing and not feeling well and this morning she was in full sick icky mode! All she wanted to do today was to play Zelda and watch TV so I granted the request. We headed to her 3 month check up . When the Dr and I were talking about the difference between NLVD, SPD and ADHD being the same as Aspergers, Yin Yells out ” I HAVE BUTT BURGERS! ” The Dr. tried to keep a straight face but just lost it when Yang started laughing. As I sat there so proud that my daughter knew the definitions of  a** and thinking ” Thank You Spider Man” .  I sat there praying that we would be able to get through the appointment without anymore wonderful expressions.

When we got back she set her self up in the nook to play her little heart away. Only one problem, she did not count on the ickies to keep her from enjoying her time off school. That’s when the drama begins. She started off whining and then crying/ screaming ” I HATE BEING SICK! THIS IS NOT FAIR! I DON’T LIKE THE WAY THIS MAKES ME FEEL!”  With Yin showing emotion is hard but talking about her emotions and what she feels like is much easier. But, once she gets the hang of what emotion she has and figures out what she thinks is the right response WATCH OUT you are in for not so fun treat. We had the screaming, flailing of the arms, the true on the stomach hands and feet kicking temper-tanturm and once you thought she was finally tired enough to sleep ,she started the whole process over again. Have to say I was quite proud of Yang today taking care of her and helping me out so I could get some of the house work done. He did school and tried to calm her the best he could. Been a rough day so that’s why we added the Splash of Chocolate. I had some Hot chocolate to make for a party this week and I made a bit extra for Yang and I to enjoy.

Hope you like it!

1 Half gallon of vanilla coconut milk ( Brand I buy is in the Ed allergy section)

1/3 cup coco powder

dash of salt

1/3 cup of sugar

1/2 bag of Enjoy Life chocolate chips.

1/8 tsp cinnamon

On the stove bring the coconut Milk to a boil then add the rest and whisk until blended.  Add mini marshmallows if you like or what ever hits your fancy ;).

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Rushing to Catch Up! Crockpot Monday ( Tuesday ;) ).

We are back, and it is our first day trying to get school going again. Boy am I  feeling the pressure of Christmas piling up. I will have to say getting back 3 weeks before Christmas may not have been the best part  of my “GREAT IDEA”for a month at the beach. Thank goodness my  loving Husband had the tree up already, and all the boxes out so we could start decorating. Over the weekend I unpacked us, and  Monday Hubby and I went Elfving and got everything done. (Now I know you know my kids read this, just so you know Santa Clause is out of the bag here.But we still like to tell the stories and watch my favorite movies which are the Santa Clause 1,2,and 3 ) So, check another thing off the list. We had such a great time and I can’t wait to share with you some of our unique ideas for Christmas.

Yin, I can say, is in the Christmas Spirit and until we get all the decorations done, school is going to be a JOY. She is so excited to get this house done. If I don’t get it done soon she  might just drive me crazy!

On top of all the decorating I am having the urge to start crocheting. Usually by now I would have had a few gifts done. This year I just don’t think there is going to be time. I took my stuff to the beach but managing little ones in a 5th wheel did not leave much time for crocheting and for some reason I only like to crochet when it is cold outside.

So getting back into the swing of things is taking me for a loopty-loop and it feels like a Monday everyday right now. So today I am making this Crockpot Monday ( I know it is Tuesday, but yesterday I ate out, so lets pretend  🙂 ) . I hope as the season goes on and comes to a near I will have a few recipes you will enjoy.

What’s For dinner tonight: Something New for us. I saw a great recipe that was not family friendly, so I started looking up other recipes to replace the ingredients we could not have and then  another then another  and it kept going until I replace just about most of it. So here is what I came up with on the fly. Hope you enjoy. (THis was approved by Yin my picky eater. I did have to make Mash potatoes too because, Yin does not like the texture of rice without mash potatoes. )

French Dip Beef: ( I don’t call it a sandwiches because a lot of times it goes over rice due to wheat allergy and Kae likes it in a tortilla)

2-3 pound chuck roast ( today I used beef tips was out of chuck roast so it will go over rice or mash potatoes for sure)

16 0z of beef broth

6 oz of Red Wine

1 Tbs of olive oil

1 Tbs of Molasses

1 tsp of garlic powder

8 tsp of dried onions

1 tsp of onion powder

1/4 tsp of thyme

salt and pepper to taste ( we use grains of paradise since I am allergic to pepper)

Put all in a crock pot and cook all day. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, or Egg noodles if you can have them, Make into a sandwich and use the juice as a dipping sauce, or like Kae wrap in a tortilla and Dip as well. 

If you want to thicken the sauce (l did tonight) just use a tsp of Xanthan Gum. Pull out all meat and then in a small dish add some of the juice then 1/4 tsp of Xanthan Gum whisk then pour back in and whisk some more. Add meat back in and it coats nicely.

RICE: (HIgh Protein )

Tonight I made Rice  to go with it and  I really like the Jasmine Brown Rice and I add Wild rice. Wild rice is high in protein 6 grams per serving and the brown rice I use is 4 grams of protein per serving. My kids are going through a growing  spurt right now and eating me out of house and home. When they do this I try to come up with high protein meals to keep them full longer. Makes it nicer on the budget :).

Hope you enjoy

(Microwaved wonderful and was even better 2nd day! Next time I might try Mushrooms with it 🙂 )

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A Yin moment….

Tonight we took the kids up to see their Great Grandma who has been placed in a nursing home while she recovers. When we get there our 2 nephews are there and Yin runs over to say hello. Next thing I know they are singing a version of Jingle bells. I here one version, then a second one, then a third one as the kids are giggling like crazy in the corner. I can’t here all of the words but, by looking at each child’s face, I could tell these were not the best versions of the Christmas classic. So, I ask Yin from across the room ” Yin are you being appropriate with what you are singing?”  Yin’s response ” Well……Mommy I am being more appropriate than them!” with a proud look on her face and went back to what she was doing.