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The Boy Who Saved Dinner!


Remember the other day when I said that I was going to feel that bike ride? Well it hit me today around 4pm. When living with Fybro you know that when you have pushed your body too far there will be a payback time. I was surprised this morning when I woke up and honestly felt pretty darn good. I was on the phone with my sister, she was reading the blog and helping me with a few things,  and she asked “ So are you able to walk today?” At first I was confused because I felt fine. Why would I not feel fine? Then she jogged my memory of the wonderful bike ride I had yesterday. I explained how I had taken a muscle relaxer and went to the hot tub last night and I might have just doge the bullet with this one. 


Well I should have known better. There is no dodging bullets when it comes to Fybro. Right about 4pm the feeling of flue like symptoms: body ache, headache, heavy head and neck pain, a feverish feel (with no fever) a lot like a bad case of Mono hit. I quickly realized I was not going to be able to finish our errands, and make it back to the camper to make dinner. Now for most families this would not be a big deal. Run through a fast food joint, kids are happy, and the meal you planed for tonight will just wait until tomorrow. As I was leaving the mall I was trying to see what was around that was cheap and realizing there was nothing. You see for us to be able to come to the beach, and stay a month, there was a  promise to cook our meals to keep the cost down. As I am going through our options , which the only fast food he can eat at is Chic -Fil -A, and all he can eat there is the fries, Outback (not cheap and I am allergic to table pepper and they have the mix of death on everything), A local smoke house (we have eaten there 2 time already. Once when we first got here, and then on  Thanksgiving. It is also tradition to eat there when we leave.), and a local brazilian resturaunt which is $50 a head. I began to get a bit depressed trying to figure out how I was going to physically get through the grocery store for some staples we were out of and still be able to make dinner. So, I started to come up with a plan. I would : take Ed through Chic-fil-a., get him a fry to hold him over, Pick up a $5 pizza for Kae and  make something quick for Ed when we got home.   As I thought of what I could make him, I realized his food was why I needed to go to the store. UGH! Almost in tears I hear Ed say “ Mommy I’ll make dinner! We don’t need to eat out!”


Ed has been learning to grill and as I mentioned before he loves to cook. The last few nights I have been letting him cook/teaching and he has been grilling hotdogs for lunch. He has learned to make the perfect grilled chicken beast and broccoli packets. I had defrosted steak for dinner and thought why not. We’ll go to the store and get the stuff we need and when we get home I will let you do dinner. My Little Man did just that! Kae brought in all the groceries, because after the grocery store I was useless and Ed set out to make dinner. All I had to do was light the oven for the fries and he did the rest! I am so blessed to have such helpful kids. 


Sometimes my kids can be a handful and there are days I wonder how we are going to make it through. THen there are days like today, when everything seems to be going wrong for me and my kids just pick up where I need them too and they both just shine!  I want to thank Ed for stepping up and keeping us on plan to eat our meals in. I also want to thank Kae for having such a great attitude when I told here she was not going to get pizza and Ed was going to cook. They both chose to look on the bright side and Dinner was amazing and the night ended with my favorite pass time reading them their night time story.Image


4 thoughts on “The Boy Who Saved Dinner!

  1. For me, it would be more work for the kids to make dinner than for me to just do it myself. But, that’s just me. Looks like he made a delicious meal. SUCCESS! (p.s. don’t grill with aluminum foil, causes Alzheimer’s which would def. add to the chaos) bah!

    • The Kids were great! They even cleaned up the mess and the only dishes I had were the meal dishes. Ed is really good about cleaning up while he goes. It is a rule we have taught him when he first started cooking. You plan and get everything out. Then when you use it ,you put it away. When you are finished you know you did it right because you have a clean area to finish the cooking :). He follows the rule better than me :).

  2. That is awesome!! Your kids are the best! Are those smiley fries? I love me some smiley fries! Love ya and love the blog!

    • They were smiley fries! I could not believe we found some Ed friendly! HE was so excited to have them and they are Kae’s favorite. SHe said ” I love it when my plate is smiling at me!” She was angling the plate so you could see the plate smiling at the camera LOL.


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