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Rare Form!

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Today was one of those days. First off let me tell you my Grand Idea. My grand idea to come down to the beach and live in our 5th wheel for a month, do school , and enjoy and extra month of warmer weather before I head back to the tundra that I am hearing about. During the first week we were here I was thinking “OH MY GOODNESS I MUST BE OUT OF MY MIND!”. The first week  it rained almost everyday and it was cold. Kae and Ed were going crazy being shoved in a bunk bed room and the only place Ed could go to get privacy was in the bathroom. Kae was like a wild animal trapped in a cage. But thank Goodness the weather has gotten better and my hopes of what this month could be like is partial to what I dreamed.

So far we have been able to accomplish each day of school. We even took the other day to build sand castles because the temperatures reached in the
70’s. My wonderful Hubby bought me a bike for our camper and the kids each have one (thanks to my mom 🙂 ) and we have ridden are bikes everywhere. All in all it has been pretty good except, Chuck and I were noticing before he left that Kae was getting a bit more rambunctious and more impulsive than usual. Today I think she hit a peak in all of that. First thing out of Ed’s  mouth this morning is “Kae is in rare form.”


                                                             That is  code for “Hold on to your britches this is going to be a bumpy ride!”

She started off the day at around 7 am calling her daddy on Face time. This is his day to sleep in. He had been up late with some things going on at home, and was looking forward to sleeping in this morning with no Kiddo’s to come bouncing in. Well let me tell you not even 12hr driving time, or 700 miles can keep Kae from waking daddy! LOL he got his morning wake up call and she spoke to him while Ed tried to pry me from my covers.

Before School I wanted to brush Kae’s hair. This is always a hard time for she has a really sensitive scalp , but somehow can pull clumps out when upset, and we started the day with our neighbors hearing ” STOP IT! STOP IT! YOU ARE KILLING ME! HELP ME! HELP ME!!!!!! GET OFF ME! STOP TOUCHING ME IT HURTS! ” God only knows what they thought was going on inside here. Once hair was done she went to the bathroom and said “Wow it looks good” and was off to start bible, or so I thought.

You would not think much would escape me being in such a small space,but she went up to my room area and started to watch Disney on her iPad. I heard the Ipad, assumed ( my mistake ) she had started school, and after doing the dishes came up to find her under the covers like a tent watching Disney Jr.  Now I had already been warned that today she was in rare form, but for some reason I just did not handle it as best as I could have. So I lost my temper and said a few choice words ( which I regret and know I will hear repeated back to me sometime soon probably at church or out in public always in those types of places) and tried to start school. The word is tried. She was not going to do what she did not want to do. SHe had that wild look in her eye and I knew today was going to be one of those days! ( Now remember I stated I am not a perfect mom and I make mistakes and will share them. Never proud of them and regret many daily but I promised to be frank and honest and I will keep that promise. So  I won’t be upset for you not  signing me up for any mother of the year awards 😉 ).

So, after I sat down and cooled off, realized I had just made matters worst, I decided we would take a bike ride. The kids took me all over the camp ground and to my not so surprised self I am feeling the aftermath of it now OUCH! I pray I can get out of bed tomorrow LOL.

On days like today sometimes pushing her to stay on target is just not what is going to get us through the day. I have learned that yelling and screaming has gotten me no where. Discipline does not work because honestly this is not behavioral. There are times when it is and she is milking it, but there are times like today if I try to push her where she does not want to go, it will be a full-blown temper-tantrum. SO as she is riding on her bike she is  screaming ” I AM FREE! I AM FREE!  and she is weaving all over the road and a smile of content washes over her and she is calm. We went as fast as we could down the small hills, went and saw the ducks and goats on the island and came home completely worn out. Now was the time to try to do some school work. I was able to get 2 subjects in and then another large break after lunch walking the beach and letting her sit on her favorite boulder that she pretends is a dragon. We did not get all the subjects done but all n-all with what I had to deal with it was a good day!

Snapped this while riding behind Kae today! I’M FREE!



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