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I find myself racking my brain tonight trying to figure out how I am going to sew my daughter a Nutcracker doll ? As I have said Kae has a deep passion , to put it lightly, for soldiers and knights and she is not one for dolls. Ever since she was little she has had a hard time relating to baby dolls. She only liked the ones that the eyes would open and shut, but there was a problem she would never play with it. You would ask her ” Kae where is your baby?” she would reply ” Lazy baby only sleeps.” (in a grumpy voice. We would then go into her room, pick the baby up, and say ” Kae look the baby woke and wants to play!” She would run into the room feed it maybe in the high chair, but as soon as she picked it up to cradle it, she would drop it and walk away. ” Kae what happen? Where is your baby?” she would again reply “sleeping its lazy!” 

We always thought this was so funny when she was a baby. Never thinking that there was a problem and she did not understand that she could make the baby wake when ever she wanted. Today she still has problems with her american doll. SHe never touches her because she is a lazy girl and never wakes up. She is always sleeping. 

If you take Kae to the toy store you will never find her in the girls isle. SHe is alway in the boys area. Girls stuff seems to freak her out. SHe says that they are all scary or boring. She gets stuck with all of the toys and does not seem to know how to play. Well you can understand to my surprise and excitement when she asked me for a doll. But then she hit me with the bomb. She wants a Nutcracker doll. SO i went online to look for a plush Nutcracker doll and to my not so amazed luck there is NONE! So now it is up to me to try to make it LOL. Going to be one heck of a first sewing project once I get home. SO wish me luck! If i do make one, I will post picts and I am sure some insight to how “Easy ” it was LOL! 



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