Loving My Chaos

Living an Adventure with EE, Multi Food Allergies and Special Needs Treasures from God!

Hello Blogging World!!!!

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Well I finally did it! I finally set up a blog, and I honestly I can say I have no idea what I am doing!!!!!! I am as far from understanding technology as I am from being an aerospace engineer! But I am going to give this a shot it can’t be like rocket science right? (Just to let you know it took me over 3 days to figure out how to make my first post LOL!)

So why start blogging? Ever since blogging started I have had people ask me to start a blog. I guess our family’s chaos is a bit unique in nature, and through it all God has really blessed me through all of our different disabilities. With my son Ed and hubby Chuck having Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE) and opposite food allergies , to my daughters Non-verbal learning disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD, and my food allergies that are different from everyone else’s and Fibromyalgia,  we are a gene pool catastrophe! But, we just like to call it our boring life  :).

I am hoping that through the grace of God ,and His amazing miracles, I am going to be able to find away to help those who face the same situations we do. My hope is to figure out how to set up pages for each disability and share things I am learning in Therapies, Cooking experiments, Tools I find, and how we organize our daily lives that somehow works and keeps us all alive.In the Section called Welcome to our Family. You can meet each one of us  in detail, and see what our unique situations are.

This front page is where I hope to share our fun side. It will be a modge podge of our chaotic fun life. I WILL WARN YOU, we are a crazy family and I can not promise that all posts will be socially appropriate ,since I do have a daughter with a  social skill deficit, some of the things she says can be shocking and hilariously inappropriate but , are so funny and such great learning tools some will have to be shared. Again I WARN YOU we are a strange family and my kids ages 8 and 10 love  farting, burping, farting on one’s head, anything to do with bodily noises, really silly puns which usually go bad, and lots of  awkward moments. This  is a norm for my kids and I (yes I included myself for I think my brain stopped maturing at 13).  I will say my hubby is the mature one in our family and if it was not for him we would be a mess!  We love to joke that he is the Superego and I am the Id and without the  two of them together well the Id would be in a lot of trouble 😉 !

So I hope you will enjoy our family and our crazy ways. THis is as true as it gets, and I have no problems sharing all of our good and not so good moments. Too many times I see families putting on the fake smile and walk around like they were taught by Leave it to Beavers mom, I would say we are more like the Adams family or the Monsters. We just don’t fit the typical ” Stay at home mom, who home-schools and has her life together, with kids who are  compliant angles”. This will not be a blog on how to manage your life, I do not know all the  answers. I will share what works for us and maybe you’ll get ideas maybe not. More than anything it will be a great place to come and see that you are doing just fine and I am plugging along with ya. Making mistakes, scaring my kids for life, but keeping them alive to the best of my ability and hopefully teaching them that being “Normal” is not all it is cracked up to be!”



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